Jesus Food
Jesus Food
Share, so they can live!  Only $109.50 for our Traditional High Protein Meal.
Only $25.55 a year for our Heavenly Broth Vitamin and Mineral packet
Either of these add all the vitamins and minerals a starving child needs for a whole year!

Cost: Only 30¢ per serving

One-time DonationMonthly Donation

The Difference: Jesus Food supplies the optimum amount of nutrition for a malnourished child. It provides not just a meal, but better health to starving children. It strengthens the immune system and we have seen miraculous recoveries in starving children.


  • A vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement to be mixed with water or food
  • Each packet makes six 1 cup servings.
  • Add broth to locally available food for a fully nutritious meal.
1 Bag = 6 servings
@ 30¢ per serving
TOTAL of $1.80 per Bag or Heavenly Broth 42¢

1 Box = 36 Bags
1 Box feeds 216 children
TOTAL of $64.80 per Box or Heavenly Broth $15.12

1 Pallet = 33 Boxes
1,188 Bags feeds 7,128 children
TOTAL of $2138.40 per Pallet or Heavenly Broth $498.96

PURCHASE Order cases of Heavenly Broth to carry in as you travel with your missionary group, church, or personal evangelism. Each 1 cup serving can be as low as $ .07! Make your purchase by visiting