Jesus Food
Jesus Food
What is Jesus’ food?

Jesus Food is both physical food for the body and spiritual food for the soul. The physical food is what Richard Proudfit (the originator of the food) calls “revelation knowledge.” Richard and many others, including doctors and nurses, have seen miracles when children have had only this food to eat. Richard had a dream where God brought two of His children to him and asked Richard to care for them. Richard's immediate thought was, "What will I feed them? I will feed them the very best, for they are God's children."

The original formula was developed by using some of the world's leading food scientists from:

After three years of testing variations of different formulas, they began concentrating on the four areas of greatest need:
• High protein soy, up to 52%, fortified with 9 vitamins and minerals
• Premium long-grain rice
• Dehydrated blend of six vegetables
• Vegetarian, chicken flavoring with 21 vitamins & minerals

The spiritual part of the food is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe filling bellies is important, and an awesome work of God, but we believe that people all over the world need Jesus, who is called the “Bread of Life”, and that without Him, no one can come to heaven.

Food for the body, food for the soul.