Jesus Food
Jesus Food
Packaging - Help save lives!

100% of the Jesus Food is packaged by volunteers from schools, families, churches, synagogues, senior centers, and corporations in various locations throughout the US. Our hope is to move some of our packing to the countries themselves & even buy local grain supplies right from the locations we are feeding to not take away from the local farmers, but to bless them.

Our hope in every case where our food is needed, that we are like an emergency room where we care for the immediate needs, then partner with other great organizations, and the people themselves, so they can have a sustaining instead of a draining life, filled with hope instead of misery. We hope to help them heal, then be able to have sustaining life and not need our food.

We believe people in every community can be a part of the solution to end starvation. If thousands of community partners open packing centers & mobilize packing events around the world, then thousands of volunteers can package food for the starving. Each group-- a scouting troop, a church, prisoners, the rich, the poor, all can pack food for starving children. In fact, every two hours that someone volunteers to pack, they could make enough food to feed a child for a year! It's a great opportunity to think outside ourselves, and to bring life to those in the greatest of need, the poorest of the poor. If you save one life, you are truly a hero!

"When you feed a child you feed our future," means when you come in and pack, or donate so others can, you are saving lives. That life you save could be the very person that God works through to create the cure for cancer, or AIDS, or simply a precious life that would otherwise perish for a lack of food. The food that was developed has even been shown to help AIDS patients & those with diseases, often caused by hunger, to live longer by building a better immune system through good nutrition.

Children need not die for a lack of food. Through the abundance that we thank God for, let us share with others who have nothing. If we share, they live.