Jesus Food
Jesus Food
“We have seen amazing results since first starting to use this food in our feeding programs. On average we have seen a weight increase of at least 10% in the first two to four weeks of placing the children on the food Richard invented... Richard’s food has been that much needed miracle.  It has helped us save many  children’s lives... When asked what she had been feeding a young child, a  Haitian woman answered by saying, “The only thing I had - flour and water.” Can you imagine that the only thing this small boy had been eating was flour and water? When asked why this was the only thing that he was fed, the mother replied: “because it’s the only thing that I had. My husband is gone, my father and mother are dead, and I have no one to help me.”
Donald L. Curtis
President/CEO of Children’s International Lifeline
One of over 150 different partners helping to feed over 40,000 per day in Haiti!
“This family is no longer suffering from malnutrition, and this baby is looking...just so delightfully normal! We encounter many children who have suffered permanent damage from malnutrition. It’s great to see a child who has been helped to avoid the damage!”
U.S. Navy:
“Since 2006, the U.S. Navy has delivered Richard’s meals to more than 20 different countries, including Panama, the Philippines, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Venezuela, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.”